Something for Everyone!

365 Things To Do In and Around Tallahassee

There are new and exciting things to do in Tallahassee Florida every day of the week! 

This mini-blog will highlight a few things you can do here in Tallahssee. Tallahassee is a virtual mecca for every age group and every nationality. It is diverse, cultural, playful, and fun things to do around Tallahassee are numerous.

I'm a little prejudice, having been here in Tallahassee for four generations. Growing up, I have indeed seen many changes, and am amazed at what I have not yet experienced! I am going to attempt to provide some content here for everyone. If you know of someplace I need to see, some activity I need to try, some event that you want to share, please drop me an E- mail and let me know where I need to go next!

Working in real estate, selling homes, marketing homes, and working with home buyers and being a native of Tallahassee, I feel like I know the area pretty well, and I want to share this with my customers or those who are relocating to Tallahassee but want a little more insight into our community!

So, on May 1st, we begin!  Will keep you posted!
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