Don't Be Fooled by a name,.."Hometown Democracy"

"Hometown Democracy" is "Hometown Hipocracy!" 
Don't get caught up in the name for Florida's Amendment 4, to be voted on in November, 2010.


Here is a synopsis of the Economic Impact of Amendment 4

If proponents succeed, this will be the results,.. we simply can not afford this Amendment!
  • THE DISRUPTION of local communities and the daily lives of Floridians will be extraordinary. Cities and counties will be required to hold elections for each proposed comprehensive plan change - not just major projects, but even minor technical details. In the last four years alone, this amendment would have required an average of over 10,599 additional local votes per year in Florida. In fact, had Amendment 4 been in place in 2006, the voters of Carrabelle - a small Franklin County town - would have seen 617 separate questions in a single ballot!


  • THE DISORDER will further disenfranchise Florida's already-fatigued electorate. Voters will be deluged with highly technical background materials prepared by the local government planning staff. The legalese of proposed comprehensive plan changes, often puzzling for expert engineers and attorneys, will further dampen voter turnout. Lines at voting booths will grow as Floridians attempt the virtual impossibility of voting on hundreds of separate and often confusing ballot questions.


  • THE COST will be astronomical. Every city and county in Florida will be burdened with the time and cost of holding additional elections to vote on proposed changes to comprehensive land use plans. Each of these elections will be costly. And with smarter growth stalled, Florida's robust economy will taper off to a recession while property taxes skyrocket to pay the bills.


  • THE RESULT will be a system that is far worse, not better. That's why respected environmental leaders refuse to support the amendment. They know this amendment will not put a stop to all development, but will make well-planned, smarter growth impossible - thereby encouraging sprawl that reduces green space and makes effective growth management unachievable.


The Florida Legislature needs to provide a practical way to reduce the number of land use changes without direct elections and provide for more enforcement of citizen notice and input rules. 
Call your Legislator Today and ask them to VOTE NO on Amendment 4!