What Makes the Tallahassee Community and Real Estate Market Unique?

Debbie Kirkland, Realtor and Native of Tallahassee Knows!

 Despite the doom and gloom of National economists, and even those in our State of Florida, the real estate market in Tallahassee remains strong and stable.

The most recent reports, prices have actually increased for homeowners in our city. Local Realtors networking daily are encouraged with buyers arriving from both in state and out of state. Leon county has experienced increases in jobs which spurs new home starts and reductions in current re-sale inventory.

Still is is the right time to sell or list your property?  Don't even think about it before you consult a Realtor. Getting your family's hopes up for moving quickly, hurring up all your repairs in hopes of making profits equitable to those of 2006 may not be realistic.  Get the details before you get your hopes up!  Remember,... "Anyone can LIST your home.. but only a good Realtor can SELL your home!"

Link to the Florida Housing Alliance Housing site at: http://www.floridahousingalliance.com/ to read series of editorials that are meant to educate the general public on some key differences in the Tallahassee real estate market compared to other parts of the state.  Hopefully, this informative series of articles will better help you understand our economy as it contrasts to other areas of Florida and the country.

Because of my knowledge of the area as a native Tallahassean, and my network affiliations with builders, because of my work with city and county building officials, I can help you find a property that you can afford, that will continue to appreciate.

I will use that knowledge to negotiate the best price for that property.  I make it my business to be aware of property values and market sales trends in my area. Call on a local expert for your Tallahassee real estate needs, contact me, Debbie Kirkland.