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8 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Home on a Budget


1. Become Picasso

One of the least expensive home improvements that can be made is to simply paint, paint, paint. Make sure the exterior paint looks nice and that the interior paint is neutral while still giving the home some personality. Colors dictate moods and can also provide the illusion of more space. This is a very powerful tool in home improvement and doesn't cost a boatload of cash.

2. Do It Yourself

This isn't rocket science. Want to save money? Roll up your sleeves and do the task yourself. With the amount of DIY information readily available on the internet, there's truly no excuse to pay others to do a task nowadays. It will require a little more time and some elbow grease, but it'll save you a ton of money and nothing feels better than sitting back admiring your work when you're done.

3. Shop Secondhand

We get it. Everyone loves the big shiny retail chains with the huge displays and whatnot. However, if the name of the game is truly saving money, stop paying a premium just because the item is brand new or the store is well know. There are a ton of secondhand items that are equal in quality. Be diligent in looking for those and open box items. You'll thank us when your bank statement arrives later.

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4. Add Unexpected Accessories

Be crafty with your ideas and actions. It's not about how much you pay for things, it's about what you do with what you purchased. Think outside the box. Plates aren't only for eating delicious meals on. Find some decorative ones and hang them on the wall. It's brainstorms like this that add wonderful personality to any space.

5. Use What You Already Have

Sometimes instead of buying something new to replace the incumbent item, try breathing new life into what you already have in the home. An example would be not giving up on an old leather sofa when some olive oil will add color and new energy to it. Rearrange furniture to give the illusion of more space. These are just a few examples and they cost you nothing but time.

6. Wait

Don't be the first person to pay the most money for something to improve your home with. That new television or furniture set may be the new toy on the market, but it's also being sold with a tremendous markup that's designed to benefit from the impatience of most consumers. Stand your ground. Inevitably, the price will be discounted and you can get that same item for much less. Patience is indeed a virtue.

7. Let Mother Nature Help

Another inexpensive change you can make is to bring the outdoors inside. Not only will adding foliage to the home improve the decor, it also improves the air quality of the space. That's the win-win. So don't be afraid to visit you local nursery and find a few plants or small trees that can liven up a living area or home exterior. Everyone loves Mother Nature. Your home is no different.

8. "Floor" People

Look down. Do you like what you see? Would others? If the answer to these questions is anything short of a resounding "YES," then you may have some work to do. Flooring is one of the DIYs that add the most value to the home and is not expensive at all to upgrade. Try some new carpeting that your feet sink into or if section off rooms by changing flooring. An example would be a carpeted living room, but, hardwoods in the dining area. Make your home stand out.

Selling Your Home? We'll Save You Time and Money

Home improvement and decoration can be a ton of fun and it also adds value to your beloved home. Enjoy using these tips to save barrels of money while doing it. The importance of a good-looking home can't be overstated whether you're a new homeowner or staging it for a sale.

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