Tallahassee Large Acreage Tracts & Plantations

Did you know: there are over 300,000 acres of plantations between Tallahassee, Florida and Thomasville, Georgia? Generations of owners have occupied and cared for the land and property surrounding Tallahasee for centuries. Hunting, gaming, and farming plantations are still thriving and in working condition today. Agricultural properties, wildlife sanctuaries, and hunting preserves surround the city of Tallahasee with a truly unique beauty.

Interested in learning more about buying a plantation or a large acreage property in Tallahassee? Keep reading or give us a call! Remember, not all these types of properties will be listed on the Multiple Listing Service, since many are held privately as pocket listings or under commercial Realtors.

Why Choose a Plantation or Large Acreage Property?

Peace, Privacy & Natural Beauty

Imagine surrounding yourself in acres of pristine natural beauty, of rolling green hills or towering old oaks draped in striking Spanish moss. Imagine a profound quiet undisturbed by the sound of cars, machinery, or even people. Imagine the tranquility of being well and truly removed from the cares of the world.

This is the life that awaits on a large acreage property.

Backyard Recreational Opportunities

Want to be able to step out your back door and right into your favorite recreational activities? Whether your backyard dream includes hunting and fishing, horseback riding, mountain biking, ATV riding, or hiking, a large acreage property will offer plenty of opportunities for enjoying outdoor activities—without ever having to leave home. The wide variety of properties in the area provide options for buyers of every interest.

Searching specifically for an equestrian property? We've got information and homes just for our horse-lovers!

Farms & Working Land

Ever wondered what it would be like to live off the land, to spend your days working outdoors, planting and tilling, harvesting and storing? Or perhaps you have dreams of raising livestock, cattle or sheep, pigs or goats, even horses. If this is your goal, there's truly no better place than in the fertile lands of Tallahassee and Northern Florida.

Ready to Find Your Plantation Home or Large Acreage Property?

Are you thinking of purchasing a large acreage property or plantation in the Tallahassee area? Private consultations for serious land purchasers are by appointment only. During this appointment, we will present your with our inventory and knowledge of these pristine acreage tracts in North Florida and Georgia, as well as plantations, hunting retreats, and farms for sale in the area.

To learn more about buying a home, relocating to, or living in Tallahassee, browse our resources or just give us a call anytime!