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3+ Acres and homes for sale between $200,000 and $1,000,0000 in Tallahassee, FL

The Tallahassee area is surrounded by working plantations, national forests, and filled with country home sites, some generations old, others newer. Traditions resonate in generation old homes and to some, dreams of returning to a simpler way of living becomes more attractive as buyers venture past the city limits, into the canopy covered roads  surrounding our area.

Farming, hunting and fishing are popular outdoor recreation activities for our area. Tallahassee, FL newcomers are amazed with the canopy roads, the rural tranquility and homes located just off the beaten paths. Some new home-buyers have specific requests when searching for homes. More and more, people are requesting homes not in subdivisions, but instead, homes with acreage. The trends of having “room to roam” are returning and growing interests in living “Green” are changing the demographics of the real estate buyer.

. Building homes, developing farms, creating water features such as ponds, stream dams, etc. requires knowledge of Local, County and State building and environmental codes  and development expertise.   Many of these are horse-friendly, equestrian properties and others allow small domestic animals and fowl as well as permit farming activities. Knowing a property’s restrictions, even in rural areas is important if you are a rural home buyer.

Realtors who specialize in large acreage tracts, equestrian properties or farms will have the pertinent information when listing properties and will acquire this information when working with a buyer as well as provide resources for interests such as organic farming, cattle and livestock, nurseries and farming supplies. Home sellers of large farm properties may want to market outside the Tallahassee area as many of the homes sold in 2012 have been to buyers from out of State and County and several sales to foreign buyers.

Leon County rural areas often have rural utilities, well water or shared community wells, septic systems and agreements for road maintenance if on dirt or private roads. This can be important for acquiring insurance and for budgeting for maintenance when repairs are required.  Home buyers for large acreage tracts will want to have surveys to determine exact property lines when fencing or before clearing land.

Tallahassee, FL rural home-buyers have the following in common, they love our canopy roads, they crave the peace and quiet of country living, they enjoy wildlife and nature and they often need space for large animals or for farming. This week’s featured county homes and estates offer all this and more. Get out, take a ride to the country, explore your options for country living and life on a farm.

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