Debbie Kirkland is involved!

The role of REALTORS® in our communities goes far beyond the real estate transaction process of buying and selling. As a local business owner and resident, Debbie is dedicated to help build a healthy and vibrant community. I am so proud to be a part of an industry that GIVES! In many different ways, being a Realtor has been the most rewarding career ever! There is so much more to being a Realtor than working with buyers and sellers!

REALTORS® bring knowledge to every transaction

Through membership in NAR’s affiliated institutes, societies, and councils, REALTORS® stay abreast of the most recent trends in their fields, remain well-informed of industry developments in their specialized areas, and address industry issues more effectively. Education is a requirement of the NAR!

REALTORS® are strong advocates for private property rights, homeownership and housing issues. There is current legislation that directly affects you, and you may not even know where it originated, but I bet an active Realtor is aware of it!

Debbie Kirkland is very active on a local level and State level in defending and presenting legislation that keeps home ownership affordable, protects private property rights and to help homeowners in distress keep their homes. If you have questions about legislation, Call Debbie for an explanation!

Locally, Debbie is the Governmental Affairs Chair for the Tallahassee Board of Realtors and the RPAC Chair. She is also a Director for the Florida Association of Realtors. Each year she meets with local and state officials to present concerns from homeowners to these officials. She also supports those who we know will help us in this fight. Gathering in Tallahassee at the Capitol for Great American Realtor Days, Debbie will be there along with over 2000 Florida Realtors to take these issues directly to our legislators on our homeowner's behalf.

REALTORS® Have Fun Too!

If you really know Debbie, as her customers do, you will soon learn that she likes to have fun. Fun for me is being involved in alot of things at one time. I think that is probably true of the most successful Realtors.. you will find them everywhere!

Debbie donates $100 to Habitat for Humanity with every closing..She works with the Board of Realtors on Habitat Builds...

This year, In February we volunteered at the Tallahassee Marathon.. we were there all day to pass along water, gatorade, food and first aid to the participants! What a great event!

ABC's Extreme Home-Makeover Comes to Tallahassee

During the last week of February, 2009 the Tallahassee Community joined with Myddleton Parker Builders and joined forces to build a family here in Tallahassee a new home. What a joy it was to be a part of such an Extreme Build! Gathering on site at what was truly a mini-city set up for an army of workers, VIP's, spectators and TV personnel! Those who participated walked away with just as much as the deserving family. We all received a gift. the gift of spirit, cooperation and community. It was worth all the lack of sleep from the round' the clock hours, the preparation, the waiting, the rush, the sweat and the tears.

Debbie participated in the testing for this home's Green Certification. Among other things, this home was built using the most energy efficient systems available. Although the test only took about 30 minutes, the time it took to seal and ready the house for the test took 12 hours! Here's just a little video of our adventure there.

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