Tallahassee Golf Communities

Golf course communities are for more than just golfers! In fact, many who choose to live in golf neighborhoods choose so for reasons other than the golf. Golf communities usually come with a lot of other amenities and perks, like gated entries, recreational amenities, beautiful landscaping, and more.

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Why Choose a Golf Course Community?

A Sense of Security

Because many golf course communities are gated, there's a sense of safety that comes with restricted road access and/or private security.

The Potential for Lifestyle Amenities

Many golf course communities, especially in the Tallahassee area, are built around a fun, social, and active lifestyle. As such, these communities are often packed full of recreational amenities, such as tennis courts, swimming pools, walking or biking trails, clubhouses, on-site dining, and of course, golf courses!

Organized Maintenance & Upkeep

Most golf course communities are managed and maintained by a Homeowner's Association (HOA), a private management company, or both. Many communities will have the golf course and clubhouse amenities maintained by the golf course's company, while the HOA tends to the more home-specific details of the neighborhood.

The rules set by the HOA can vary a great deal depending on the community. Typically, the HOA will have rules pertaining ot the upkeep and appearance of homes within the development, specifying the colors of the paint on outside walls, types of fencing, landscaping, and storage of boats or recreational vehicles.

Protected Property Values

Beautiful golf views, combined with careful planning, HOA rules, and high demand create an environment where home values hold up extremely well.

Discover Tallahassee's Best Golf Course Communities

Interested in new construction? Many of Tallahassee's golf course communities are newer and contain buildable lots for sale that are available for new construction. Ask about our builder referral program!

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