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Historic Tallahassee

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Historic Tallahsssee neighborhoods

are primarily located near the old Capitol. This was the center of business, commerce and trade dating back to the Spanish War and Reconstruction era.  Travelers for business to the State Capitol enjoyed the Myers Park area as is contained a few natural ponds, and moss drapes oak parks where they gathered for business and for pleasure.

Tallahassee's oldest shools, the orignal Leon High School and Lincoln schools were located here. Florida State Women's College, now Flroida State University was in teh downtown historic area as well. This closely proximated the college town to the mid-town and historic areas of original Tallahassee.

Historic Tallahassee neghborhoods remain popular with younger generaations, as well as those who appreciate history, art and live, work and play in these areas on a daily basis. If you enjoy an urban lifestyle, Tallahassee's historic neighborhoods and homes for sale may be what you seek.

Other historic and unique neighborhoods in Tallahassee to see are: Lafayette Park, Capitol Park, Indianhead Acres, Sunnyland, Hillcrest, and Betton.


Los Robles Neighborhood Home With Mature Oak Tree
$180,000 - $800,000
Sq Ft: 1,300 - 6,000